Effective June 1, 2016
Prices Subject to change without notice
[POR = Price On Request]

Circumstances with a specific firearm or service request can, and frequently do, fall outside the norm of Standard gunsmithing services. The prices listed below are not to be considered or intended as a contract, but are a guideline reference.

Hourly Service Charge (Man Hour) $65
Hourly Service Charge (Man/Machine) $85
Minimum Charge Per Gun (Starts When Firearm is Logged In – which takes time) $40
Written Estimate (If No Work is Done) $85
Clean and Oil Gun $65 and up
Firearms Appraisal $35 and up

Barrel and Action Work (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Chamber and fit barrel to action $200 and up
Install Muzzle Brake (plus cost of muzzle brake) $110
Make Chamber Cast $50 and up
Contour front and rear receiver ring $50 and up
Cut and crown rifle barrel $75 and up
Remove live round from chamber $50 and up
Remove fired case from chamber $30 and up
Check firing pin protrusion $30
Forge bolt handle $85 and up
Check headspace $30
Lap barrel $70
Lap bolt lugs (does not include setting back barrel) $65
Remove live round $50 and up
Remove obstruction from bore $40 and up
Install pre-threaded and short-chambered barrel (blueing extra) $150
Install safety $50 and up
Straighten barrel (rifle and/or shotgun) $60 and up
Install trigger $50 and up
Weld on new bolt handle $85
Smooth and Adjust trigger pull (most rifles/shotguns) $85 and up

Handgun Work (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Trigger job (clean and smooth) $85
Re-barrel handgun with factory barrel $85 and up
Install beavertail grip safety $75
Set timing $125
Bob hammer spur $50
Chamfer revolver barrel $60
Chamfer revolver cylinder $75
Straighten revolver crane $50 and up
Open port ejection $75
Install crane lock $75
Remove/modify revolver hammer spur $50
Bevel magazine well $65
Rebarrel $125 and up
Action job (completely hone and smooth all parts) $125 and up

Shotgun Work (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Cut long forcing comb in plated barrel $125 per barrel
Raise dent in barrel $50 and up
Make new hinge pin $75 and up
Polish bore and chamber $75 and up
Port barrel $125 and up
Re-solder forend lug (bluing not included) $85 and up
Re-solder rib (bluing not included) $125 and up
Install screw in chokes (3 standard tubes) $125

Sight Work (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Sight In + ammo (not handloaded) Pro-Rest machine rest computer-assisted (4 shots) $25
Sight In + ammo (not handloaded) – Magnum $30
Sight In – Muzzleloader $35
Pattern shotgun w/customer ammo $50
Install sight bead (drill & tap, standard bead included) – Shotgun $35 and up
Install insert in pistol sight $50
Cut dovetail in barrel $60
Drill and tap barrel (or receiver) for sights – Set-Up Fee $25
Drill and tap barrel (or receiver) for sights – Per Hole $15
Install receiver sights – gun drilled and tapped $60
Install scope and mounts, sight in, w/customer ammo $60
Install scope and mounts, sight in w/customer ammo (gun not drilled and tapped) $110 and up
Install screw-on type sight ramp $40
Install sweat-on type sight ramp $65

Stock Work (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Glass bed rifle (action ONLY) $95
Glass bed match or target rifle $125
Pillar bed $95
Fit and bed barreled action in fiberglass stock $125 and up
Inlet and finish semi-inletted stock $275 and up
Custom stock from blank $POR
Refinish stock – unfilled $110
Refinish stock – polyurethane oil spray $140
Install recoil pad (pad not included) $40
Cut stock, install recoil pad (pad not included) $65
Install standard sling swivels (swivels not included) $25
Recoil reducer $25-$75

Metal Refinishing – Shotgun (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Pump and automatic (Remington 870, 1100, 1187, and like models) $165
Browning A-5, Winchester 12, and like models $225
Aluminum receiver models (Mos 500, Win 1200, and like models) $175 and up
Over Under and Side-by-Side (refinish aluminum receiver – add $95) $375
Refinishing rusted and pitted shotgun barrel only – plain $95
Refinishing rusted and pitted shotgun barrel only – vent rib $125
Refinishing rusted and pitted shotgun barrel only – Over Under and Side-by-Side $250 and up

Metal Refinishing – Handgun (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

All steel revolver – small $150
All steel revolver – medium $175
All steel revolver – large $200
All steel revolver – automatic $165
All steel frame only or slide only $95 and up
Alloy frame only $150 and up

Metal Refinishing – Rifles (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Most lever actions $185 and up
Bolt actions $175 and up
All steel pump or automatic $175 and up
Remington 7400, 7600, 742, and 740 (with aluminum trigger housing) $185
Steel part only on models with aluminum receivers $100
Aluminum part on models with aluminum receivers $100

Teflon-type Refinishing (Labor Only – Parts are Extra)

Bolt action rifle – complete $175
Shotgun or semi-automatic rifle – complete $225
Pistol or revolver – complete $150

Different colors and Textures (Matte, Gloss, or Satin)

Firearm restoration $POR
Firearm restoration due to water and/or fire damage $POR
Gold plate small part (trigger, hammer, etc.) $45 per part
Case color for receiver or frame, etc. $250 and up
Flame color for receiver $95 and up

All pricing based on average job.
Prices are subject to condition of firearm to be determined by gunsmith Upon Examination.